Reel-fed label printers and applicators are used to produce and attach brands, logos, stamps, barcodes, price tags, packaging and expiration dates both rapidly, and in series.
The company is involved in the sale of product tracking systems and professional labelling for various sectors
Electradue offers products of the highest quality to meet the demands of the food, mechanical, printing, electromechanical, and automotive industries, for the production of cables and for all the companies that use series production.
Labels are produced for chemical substances in an unique way, enabling their deployment across the world. Labels for chemical substances are composed of pictograms which indicate hazardous components and chemical substances
Among the products made available by Electradue are label dispensers that are both practical and functional, such as the DPS, a manual label dispenser that is cost effective and easy to use
The computerised label printing management system allows an individual to quickly change the format content. The software is customised based on the customer's requirements
Furthermore, among our product output, there are labelling and laminating machines for film, labelling machines for ice cream packaging, printing machines for packaging film, stop and go marking machines& and sophisticated postage tracking systems
Electradue manufactures labelling systems for bottles, cans, jars, containers and round-shaped items of packaging and systems that also allow sequential labelling for the application of adhesive labels on the product. Those such as brands, barcodes, collars and any promotional stickers that may appear on various sections of the surface.
Label winding machines are devices used for the packaging of adhesive label reels. This equipment is essential for the preparation and counting of reels required for the production of seals, bands, and labels which will be attached to products to ensure traceability and identification


Electradue is available for the provision of further information and estimates on the design and implementation of labelling machines. Contact us for further information, we will be happy to provide all the instructions that you require

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