Printers for wine and oil labels

Reel-fed label printers and applicators are used to produce and attach brands, logos, stamps, barcodes, price tags, packaging and expiration dates both rapidly, and in series.

The production of reel-fed label printers in San Gillio, in the province of Turin, Electradue. Since 1989, our company has operated in the food, manufacturing, wine, printing, mechanical and electromechanical industries dealing with the packaging of a wide range of industrial and commercial products.

Inkjet marking and encoding machines

Through the use of computer technology and via careful research and design for the procurement of innovative products, we have brought about the production of reel-fed label printers and applicators. There are different types of printers, such as for example the marking and coding inkjet printers.

Label applicators for bottles

There are reel-fed label applicators for modest workloads or for labelling in series. Electradue, which also operates in the province of Milan and throughout the north of Italy, is ranked among the leading companies in Italy for the sale of labelling machines and reel-fed label applicators, with output speeds of up to 600 bottles/hour, offering the best standard issue and custom-made products available on the market.

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