Label winding and marking machines

Industrial winding machines

Label winding machines are devices used for the packaging of adhesive label reels. This equipment is essential for the preparation and counting of reels required for the production of seals, bands, and labels which will be attached to products to ensure traceability and identification.

A large diameter automatic winding machine can be connected to thermal transfer label printers in order to create adhesive labels for the marking of packaging, food and bottles.

Label winding machine models

Label winding machines are one type of equipment supplied by our company Electradue with offices in the city of Turin.

This equipment is robust and reliable and is capable of speeding up and facilitating product labelling operations. It is also able to process two different types labels with different formats.

Programmable and automatic winding machines

There are two types of winding machines: automatic and semi-automatic. These can come equipped with systems to regulate speed or to program the winding of the reels. There is also a colour display for operation control and counting features.

The winding machines are also equipped with photocells which have a dual optical sensor for paper or transparent labels.

Our company sells various types of label winding machines for the printing and the production of labels for different sectors:

  • industrial
  • wine making
  • food

For further information about the products offered by our company in Turin, contact our head office using the details supplied.

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