Standard and customised labelling machines

Labelling machines are essential appliances in the field of product traceability and goods identification. Labelling machines that are currently available on the market are able not only to specify the product classification, but also important data regarding origin, instructions for use, date of issue and a barcode for rapid and automatic identification.

Product traceability and identification

Electradue, situated in San Gillio in the province of Turin, is a leader in its field as a manufacturer of standard and customised labelling machines related to the packaging industry. The company specialises in the design and manufacture of a wide range of products that are essential to all those sectors involved in the sale of material goods. Each product is in fact identified by a label and barcode which must be read in order to be catalogued and sold.

Supplying labeling machines throughout Italy

The company is involved in the sale of product traceability systems and professional labelling for various sectors:

  • food;
  • wine making;
  • mechanical;
  • pharmaceutical;

The labelling machines provided by our company are fast, reliable and high-tech. We also sell cases for portable models or holders for industrial versions.

The company catalogue also includes scanners, optical and barcode readers as well as mailing machines, namely parcel and mail tracking systems.

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