Labelling machines for the food sector

Food product traceability for Mass Market Retailers

Food processing companies often find themselves in the position of having to complete and label packaging with very different shapes, in which even the material of the containers may differ from one range of product to another.

For example, there are the cases of catering companies or food preparation for Mass Market Retailers, who may just as likely produce rigid trays as film-wrapped products. Elsewhere there are cases in which the same beverage may be packaged in either Tetra Pak cartons or food-grade plastic: the former is held in rectangular shaped cartons and sharp edged whereas the latter is stored in rounded containers.

In all these cases, Electradue are able to meet any food company's labelling requirements, with the provision of machines and systems to facilitate the monitoring and execution of the entire process.

Food labelling

Application of labels to beverage and food containers

After consulting the technicians in our Turin-based company it has been possible to fine-tune our labelling machines for the food industry enabling them to manage any type of product. These fully automated systems allow the application of adhesive labels on:

  • cardboard packaging
  • glass containers
  • pallets
  • films
  • rigid plastic

The computerised label printing management system allows an individual to quickly change the format content. The software is customised based on the needs of the customer

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