Labelling machines for glass jars and aluminium cans

Attaching labels onto round shapes

Upon completion of a product, once the packaging has been carried out, it is passed through to the labelling stage. The use of integrated systems means that the entire cycle can be carried out in a single process after which the products will be directed towards storage and shipment.

Electradue is a company of Turin, working at the national level for provision of customised labelling machines that offer bespoke software and hardware.

Can labelling machines are continuous lines on which the label is prepared and applied to all types of rounded product:

  • printing and cutting of the adhesive
  • bonding of the label
  • drying and trimming of the edges
  • sorting


    Systems for application of barcodes on cans and jars

    The production of the labels, label winding machines and system for application on round objects can be divided and undertaken by individual equipment or can be assembled in a separate machine and adapted to specific production requirements.

    Electrodue produces labelling systems for bottles, cans, jars, containers and round-shaped items of packaging and systems that also allow sequential labelling for the application of adhesive labels on the product. Those such as brands, barcodes, collars and any promotional stickers that may appear on various sections of the surface. The systems can be developed according to the customer's specific requests and pre-existing systems can be converted and changed to fit in with new production requirements.

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