Marking machines for the food industry

Marking machines

Marking machines make it possible to create different types of classifications, coupons, stickers, and product branding. Marking equipment is essential within the food industry and it must be sufficiently flexible to allow marking on a range of different surfaces.

Electradue food marking machines take on different technologies for the production of:

  • reel-fed labels
  • laser labels
  • thermal transfer

    Coding of food products: best before date and place of origin

    The coding of food products may be carried out by means of thermal transfer technology through which serial numbers and alphanumeric codes are printed, making it possible to trace the different product characteristics, such as for example, the place of breeding, packaging or best before dates.

    Laser labels are particularly resistant to damage of printed parts which could make the codes and wording unreadable: in fact during the laser printing of labels the outer, plasticised layer is removed while the lower layer remains intact and might also be of a different colour giving greater prominence to the one that is, in effect, an engraved label.

    The state-of-the-art equipment made by our company in Turin also allows printing to be carried out on metal parts in order to provide relevant production information, the serial number and model number of each mechanical component. For more information you can contact our technical department.

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