Attractive prices for second hand labelling machines

Repairs and maintenance of labelling machineses and coding equipment is carried out at the Electradue factories where they are completely reconditioned and then sold.

These used labelling machines are guaranteed by our company in Turin, which has arranged a scrupulous monitoring process and modernisation of components and management software. There are numerous opportunities to locate:

  • labelling machines for bottles
  • labelling machines for cardboard packaging
  • labelling machines for containers
  • labelling machines for jars
  • labelling machines for the mechanical industry

    Second-hand labelling machines for sale

    New and used labelling machines

    Offerta etichettatrici per industria alimentare e meccanica

    Available models are integrated into the customer's production processes and are compatible with all other packaging equipment. Electradue also proposes lines that can be fine-tuned in order to meet specific packaging needs, integrating these in a single process.

    The printing and marking systems are the most varied, they supply machines for the marking of small metal objects and abrasion-resistant types of labelling: in such a way that the data marked is always visible.

    Thanks to the advice of Electradue of Turin, you can manage all the preparation phases of the adhesives, labels and reels via practical and flexible software. For people interested in buying completely overhauled, second hand labelling machines you can contact our office and obtain the related technical data sheets.

    Labelling machine for wine bottles and jars

    The ideal machine for small producers and companies that are starting up a new business ,a robust, fully equipped, easy to use labelling machine.

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