Labeling systems for postal tracking

machine for postage tracking

Electradue, situated in San Gillio, Turin, is one of the largest companies in Italy involved in the manufacture of machines that produce postage labels and tracking systems for parcels and goods.

Product tracking via mail

Mailing solutions is the operation which allows the rapid processing of products and goods via the mailing system, through the use of labels that display address and product information.

The company is involved in the production of equipment that allows the fast and automatic tracking of products. Our mailing machines make postage tracking possible. This enables the timely and correct arrival of your packages at a specific destination.

Rapid mailing of goods

The apparatus provided by our company prints labels with the necessary data and, by use of an automated system, applies the reel-fed adhesive labels to the products.

Our company also offers barcode and electronic labelling systems to our customers to enable the rapid reading of packaging information.

Electradue also provides:

  • label printers
  • label winding machines
  • labelling machines
  • optical and barcode readers

Company consultants are on hand to provide detailed information about our product range. You can contact our head office via the contact details listed in the dedicated section.

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